Balthazar Films wanted to pay homage to the painter, Balthazar Drione, who came to Alsace around 1690. He came to Bischwiller Castle where Prince Christian II appointed him as Court Painter.

Balthazar was born in Antwerp of an Italian wine-dealer from Turin.
Balthazar’s mother, Maria Jansens was the daughter of the Flemish painter, Abraham Jansens.

Prince Christian II of Birkenfeld went on several prolonged visits to France, England, Holland and Sweden from 1656 onwards. In 1664 he fought on the side of the French against the Turks and was rewarded by Louis XIV who nominated him Colonel of the Alsace Regiment. Christian II was known as being a highly-cultured and refined character.

Balthazar was the official Court Painter in Bischwiller Castle for many years. But this enchanted story came to a tragic end when Christian II died in 1717 and his widow refused to pay Balthazar the money which was still owed to him for his paintings. He was to die in poverty at the age of 85.

Two of his sons installed themselves in the village of Hatten where Balthazar Films is based. We carry on the tradition of supplying images for the great and the good but we have no intention of dying in poverty!